Polymeric particles are being used for drug delivery in several diseases treatment such heranostics of cancer, diabetes , tissue engineering,....

The use of droplet microfluidics to produce polymeric microparticles and capsules for controlled drug loading and release has then a significant value for targeted drug delivery. We are showing in this study the ability of Moebius to simulate this complex mechanism and to be used as as design tool of the nanofluidic devices or lab-on-the-chip.

In this Y-shaped drug assembly Lab-on-Chip device, drugs need to be encapsulated in liposome droplets generated via a nanoemulsion continuous phase. Solvation and hydrodynamic forces drive encapsulation and are included in the modeling. In the nanospace, the amount of drug per droplet need to be optimized by a careful injection of drugs,  the latter sent in two modalities at constant droplet injection.


D. Liu wt al., "Microfluidic-assisted fabrication of carriers for controlled drug delivery", Lab Chip, 2017, 17, 1856