Overview of Biology Applications

Molecular Nanofluidics

MOEBIUS uniquely simulates biochemical transitions activated by surrounding flows, including unfolding, refolding, allostery, cleavage, substrate binding and drug delivery. Drugs performance in human body environments can now be assessed virtually before engaging into expensive experimental campaigns

Enzymatic Activities

MOEBIUS handles large-scale biological solutions unveiling molecular recognition, diffusive processes, signalling pathway, diffusion in cell-like environments. This field of applications is for instance particularly valuable to improve the understanding and the treatment of degenerative diseases such Alzheimer's

Physiological Flows

MOEBIUS virtual physiological flows in complex conduits reconstructed from 3-D or 2-D medical imaging enables the characterization of both blood streams in cardiovascular & cerebral networks and airflow in nasal & pulmonary air-paths. This easy-to-use and fast technology pushes the envelope of non-invasive diagnostics tools and helps preventing diseases